The importance of math in casinos

As can be seen for different games completely different result. At the same time, for example, with the same return percentage for roulette, the distribution of results will be different. Please note that the possible gain is almost equal to the possible loss, however, with a certain shift (the peak of the graph) in the negative direction. Peak graphics and shows the most likely result. Of course, when playing roulette or another game for money, we would like to be in the right sector of the schedule, that is, to win from the casino.
Return percentages for various games are given on our website in the Return Percentage section. A number of rather interesting examples with acceptable calculations are presented on the website (in English). In addition, if you are interested in the probability of games and possible outcomes when using different systems, you can download Gambler Odds for free at the manufacturer’s website
In other matters, there is one exception, when the percentage of return to the casino can exceed 100%. In some casinos there are accumulative jackpots that can sometimes reach significant sizes – more than a million dollars or euros. In this case, playing becomes mathematically beneficial. However, it is worth remembering that the chances of winning the jackpot are very small (usually not higher than 1/1000000) and the pursuit of the jackpot can lead to big losses.
Many will have a question if for example the return percentage is 98%, then the player must, on average, get 98% of his money back, which is generally not bad at all. This is not entirely true. For explanation, we give a simple example. For example, we put on the roulette in color 100 times for 1 dollar. It is obvious that the average result after 100 games will be 97.3% x $ 100/100 = $ 97.3. As can be seen from the graph, the probability of remaining a gain of more than $ 10 is extremely small. However, hardly anyone will satisfy such a result. The player has two options to start playing or to take his money with a small win or loss. However, having played the game another 100 times for 1 dollar, the player will again lose 2.7 dollars (on average!). So he will lose $ 0.027 for each bet. Calculations show that by making 3,700 bets the expected amount of the player will tend to zero. This trend will appear in all games, but where the probability percentage is higher, the game will continue more.
So is it possible to win at the casino. Is complete. For the above example, you can do the following:
Increase bid. Having played 3 times $ 100, the player will return $ 400. The probability of this is slightly less than 1/4, which is quite realistic.
Apply one of the gaming systems or strategies.
Change bets (for example, play with numbers) or play (for example, by putting 100 times $ 1 in a slot machine, you can get up to $ 10,000, although the probability of this is small)
However, when playing, remember that the more bets you make (namely bets, and you don’t bet money), the more likely you are to lose and win less. As for the choice of games, here is a matter of taste. Although mathematics gives an idea of ​​the chances of whether you win or not depends only on luck.