How to win at online casino roulette

Roulette is the most popular and favorite game that managed, in its time, to destroy not one casino! Great minds fought to create strategies for this game, and yet it was difficult to thoroughly calculate the probability of winning. Professionals are sure that 90% in this game is given to luck, and only 10% to calculations. And yet, the strategy of how not to lose 100% of the roulette and take with you at least some winnings exist and is used throughout the world!
How to win in roulette, if the game takes place in an online casino? In fact, in this case it is still easier! No one here limits the player in how to beat a casino in roulette – the use of any system will not be “punished” by the croupier and casino observers, which is very common in many real casinos.
In order to have a clear idea of ​​how to beat online roulette and win money, you need to know the rules of this game.
Knowing how to beat a casino in roulette is half the success, so for the beginning we will repeat the main points. Three types of roulette are generally accepted – American (with 35 cells), European (from 37) and French (38). When wondering how to win at online roulette, it’s worth remembering that online casinos are often oriented towards European roulette. That is why we will continue to consider how to beat the European roulette.
Bets in European Roulette come in several types. First, the bet on the number. In the event that the coveted number falls, the bet will be multiplied by 36! (by the number of cells). A player can also bet on an even-odd, red-black and more-less than the specified limit. In this case, the gain is doubled. Putting on dozens, that is, numbers in the given intervals, multiples of 12, the gain will be increased by 3 times.
To win online roulette, you should use the special features of the limit betting. In addition, this is done by the casino itself, each player can change the settings according to their own capabilities. Then, under the influence of excitement and pleasure from the game, the head will always be “in place” and it will become much more realistic to beat the roulette!